Throughout my time at the University of Georgia, I've gotten
involved with some pretty great organizations on campus and in the community.
Take a look to see how I've invested my time here in Athens. 



I have been involved with TEDxUGA since the first day of my freshman year. TEDxUGA is an independently organized TED event run by students and employees of UGA. It's an annual event that features multiple speakers and performers as they present their ideas worth spreading. In fall 2015, I became the TEDxUGA Student Council President. In this role, I manage the group of students that handle event planning for our two events: TEDxUGA and the Student Idea Showcase. These are events of 1,500 and 600 respectively, and I am a leading organizer for both events. This role includes planning and running bi-monthly meetings and assisting in the teaching of the upper-division elective NMIX 4200: New Media & TED. Through TEDxUGA, I have made friends that have become family and have grown tremendously in my leadership abilities. Each year, I am more proud of the amazing group of students that put on such incredible events, and I am so thankful to learn from them.   


YoungLife is an international ministry that seeks to spread the Gospel to "unchurched" kids. I am a WyldLife leader, meaning that I serve middle school kids at Oconee County Middle School. In this role, I work with a team of leaders to plan bi-weekly "club" for around 40 middle school kids. These events feature games, skits, songs, and a message. But our work as leaders doesn't end at club. We are more than leaders to these kids; we are their friends. We go to their school in the morning, eat breakfast with them, watch their sports games, and support them in all of their weird middle school glory. We try to teach them a thing or two about faith along the way, but they teach us a whole lot too. Having the chance to lead middle schoolers has been a crazy adventure, but it's been truly incredible. 

New Media Institute  

In spring 2015, I began working as an intern at the New Media Institute. Eventually this role became a part-time job as a Program Assistant for the NMI which I still hold today. The New Media Institute is a certificate program housed within Grady College at UGA, and each semester, the NMI teaches between 500-600 students technology-based skills to make them "techknowledgable." At the NMI, I help with TEDxUGA organizing efforts, maintain and update two WordPress sites, advise current and prospective students, and occasionally I spend hours decorating for any major holiday that may be approaching. The NMI has given me a home away from home at UGA by providing me with a family of coworkers that have helped me grow as a student, employee, and team player.